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umbria---truffled cheese souffle

Umbria & Judyth Hill

"How do I describe my week iin Italy? Delicious."

…Yes, that is what it was…delicious. The writing guidance led by Judyth Hill and the culinary courses choreographed by Kris Rudolph were spectacular. We spent 8 days basking in the ambiance of medieval Italy, tasting the delicate and exquisite foods of the Italian countryside. We explored ancient Roman baths and visited a wonderful welcoming olive farm, tasting the oil produced there. We learned from local gals, just exactly how to make our own ravioli pasta…and it’s true-fresh makes a huge difference! Kris and Judyth made our time personal, exciting, memorable and intimate. If I could do it once a year, I would!

Jody McManus
Elgin, Arizona



San Miguel & Judyth Hill

"Thanks ladies, you're a winning team!"

Judyth and Kris create the most amazing and delicious combination of inspiration, culinary excellence and on-the-spot experience. I cannot imagine a more memorable way to soak in the unique atmosphere and flavours of the wonderful locations they bring their guests to. I returned from my trip with them delighted, refreshed, excited, and full of new and invigorating ideas. Thanks ladies, you're a winning team!

Deb Hartford
Vancouver, Canada



Umbria & Laura Fraser

"I could go on and on about the food, but I will simply say that I experienced the best meals of my life on this trip."

Kris is a world class traveler and master of organization.  She kept us busy, but I never felt rushed or stressed the entire week.   The tours of the region that Kris had scheduled were not only educational but also great fun.  Everyplace we went; our little group was treated like special guests, because of Kris’ relationships with the people that were our tour guides, drivers and chefs.  I felt as if we got an insider’s peek into the culture of Umbria.  I could go on and on about the food, but I will simply say that I experienced the best meals of my life on this trip.  The hilltop villa, La Pietra, with its magnificent views, was so comfortable that it quickly became our home away from home.

The writing workshop component of the trip was also extraordinary.  Due to the sessions with our writing instructor, Laura Fraser, I left Italy feeling both accomplished and motivated to continue on my own creative journey. 
To Kris, Laura and all my new friends with whom I experienced Umbria…thanks for the memories.

Lisa Dudley

Los Angeles, California



Umbria & Judyth Hill

"Recently, I had one of the most amazing trips--the kind I dreamed of all my adult life but had no hope of taking…


I traveled to Umbria and stayed for a week at La Piedra, an ancient stone "farmhouse" high on a mountain looking over Tuscan mountains and valleys. Every day we had informal poetry workshops with Judyth in various incredibly beautiful outdoor spots. On the same day we usually visited a nearby historic town like Assisi, Anghiari, or Cortona. (Remember "Under the Tuscan Sun"?)


Then at night, after enjoying a 5 course lunch at some incredible restaurant, we came back to the farmhouse for dinner prepared by our tour guide/chef Kris Rudolph or perhaps a cooking class given by Elizabeth, the owner of our "castle." Every spare minute we were running off for a wine, olive, or truffle tasting. We took our pens and paper everywhere we went and often sat in ancient plazas jotting down material.


You could do this too as Judith and Kris are busy planning more adventures. Kris is a wonderful Cook and tour guide. She has literally traveled and lived all over the world and is bursting with enthusiasm.

Judyth Hill is an accomplished performance artist as well as a poet of note. She has previously published at least seven books of poetry and presently, when she is not on her farm in San Miguel, travels around the country giving workshops on opening up to the poetry within us as well as tuning in to the gifts of the earth. In her spare time, would you believe she writes cookbooks?


Juliet De Marko
Pensacola, Florida



Umbria & Judyth Hill

"What an absolutely wonderful way to BE in another country!…


…It was truly the experience of a lifetime, living in a gorgeous vintage farmhouse, traveling every day to some marvelous hill town for lunch and/or dinner, eating glorious food, chosen for us from the menu by Kris, who knows all, with daily writing classes and inspiration with Judyth. We had such wonderful fun together! For me it was also special because I was able to share it with my daughter Jody, who loves history (and writing) but had never been to Europe. I would go again in a heartbeat.


Lois Read

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico



Umbria & Laura Fraser

"Eat, Write, Travel was one of the best times of my life!"


I've never been one to sign up for a tour group, but this trip made me realize that it can be great fun! There were so many amazing aspects of the trip, but the people I met - the friends I made - was really the best (and most unexpected) part for me. The great thing about signing up for a themed retreat - in our case, writing and cooking - is that you are automatically going to be surrounded with people who have similar interests as you. We were all different ages, and came from different parts of the States, but we had a shared love of creative writing, excellent food, belly laughs, and vino--some of the best moments were sitting around our giant dining room table, scraping up the last morsels of tiramisu from our plates, pouring another glass of red wine, and sharing stories of our days adventures. 

And there were adventures! We shared stories of a flirtatious priest, an opera-singing philosopher whose family has run an olive oil mill for decades, and what it would really be like to live as an ex-patriot in Italy. 

And of course, we shared our words, and Laura gave us all valuable tips and encouragement in our writing endeavors. Laura quickly and skillfully asked questions and provided feedback that was totally perfect for my piece (a screenplay). 

I learned much, I laughed lots, and Eat, Write, Travel was one of the best times of my life! I would definitely go back again...and again, and again!!!


Rachael Himsel

Bloomington, Illinois



Umbria & Laura Fraser

 "The gentle rolling hills of Umbria are the perfect place for this amazing writing and cooking workshop."


Fresh air and water feeds creative juices and hungry stomachs. Each morning we met with Laura to re-visit individual writing projects and review specific tools and techniques. Laura coaxed each of us to reach deep into ourselves. Later under Kris’ expert instruction we prepared delicious local cuisine. We took home newfound confidence and splendid recipes. Excursions to medieval towns and farmers markets included lunches at

trattorias, wine tasting and truffle hunting. Returning home to La Pietra

we had the choice before dinner to write individually in front of the fireplace

with a glass of wine or immerse ourselves into the fragrant kitchen activities.

In just 7 days each of us formed new friendships and skills that will

last a lifetime.


Ted Dillingham

San Francisco, California


Slovenia & Judyth Hill

"Traveling with Kris and Judyth will be a delight to your senses."


The trip was fabulous! The Novaks made our group a part of their family for the week.  Novak Lodge was a great place to stay; the rooms with baths were rustic and comfortable. The eating experience was beyond exquisite.  Wild, hand-picked mushrooms, greens and even weeds from the garden––garnishes of wild flowers made every dish a work of art.  Sometimes five-to-nine course meals, paired with red, white, or orange wines; nonalcoholic drinks– acacia water, teas, cappuccino.   


Kudos to Kris Rudolph for creating and organizing such a spectacular event. Judyth Hill was the editor of my three previous poetry collections. We reunited in Slovenia to edit my fourth manuscript. Where I was stumped, Judyth provided a title, a simple deletion or addition of a word or sentence, and the poem would be complete.  Sometimes, she'd send me off to write more. A writer needs a second pair of eyes. Judyth offers 20/20 vision and wild mind.  I love the alchemy we create together and its fruits.  In addition to her editing, she's a master teacher. I unreservedly recommend any course or workshop she ever offers. 


Jane Lipman 

Tesuque, New Mexico



San Miguel & Judyth Hill

"My muse was reborn in San Miguel. "

I think most creative people go through highs and lows with their creative self and I was experiencing a low.  I am a prose writer and had some ideas but no routine or system for expressing these creative thoughts.  Letting others have control, mainly Kris for my food and lodging and Judyth for my what and when of writing, allowed my creative side to absolutely blossom.  My muse was reborn in San Miguel.  By surrendering to the process Judyth laid out and taking the various trips and activities that Kris planned I was able to experience San Miguel, delight in world class traditional foods and express myself creatively in a seamless flow that had me back at the office the next Monday ready to face my life with a new outlook and energy.   Judyth worked with each of us individually so that we came away with a unique plan that works with my life and needs not a cookie cutter approach.  Through a variety of exercises (homework) she wove through all the activities I did, she made me see the world as a writer, which is a gift that is absolutely priceless.  If you stumbled upon this course and are looking for way to jumpstart or reconnect with your creative side you need look no further.

Karen Clawson
Memphis, Tennessee


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