Get inspired!

Whether you’re polishing an existing book, beginning a new project or just have the dream to start writing and don’t know where to begin, EWT experiences and retreats will further your goals. Our excursions are designed to stimulate creativity. Far away from everyday distractions and demands, you’ll have the time and opportunity to develop your writing through a series of classes and mentoring sessions.


Each program blends a variety of learning techniques, such as writing prompts, assignments, readings, and lectures on style and structure. Our EWT instructors are there to offer you artistic insight and guidance. Evening readings, around the fire in Umbria or on a picturesque 18th century patio in Mexico, provide an excellent opportunity for critique and input from your fellow writers. Daily excursions allow you to explore a new world--then put the sights, sounds, and aromas on paper. Bring your writing back to life!



EWT Suggested Reading:

Bird by Bird,  Ann Lamont

The Art of Fiction,  John Garder

On Writing Well,  William Zinsser

Robert's Rules of Writing,  Robert Masello

Story,  Robert McKee

Elements of Style,  Strunk and White
On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft,  Stephen King
How to Write a Sentence: And How to Read One,  Stanley Fish






EWT Suggested Reading:

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